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Invest directly in people in your community

With UpTogether. Target your funds nationally, regionally and even by zip code.

On average, families who receive UpTogether investments*:


88% of families report their children have excellent, good, or improved grades and 94% report their children’s school attendance improved.


77% increase in monthly business income (from $164 to $290) with 66% of new family-owned business activity


23% increase in monthly income

Increases in…

  • ncrease in retirement investment account from $602 to $1,256.
  • Increase in monthly savings account balance from $311 to $976.
  • Increase in total liquid assets from $759 to $2,396.
  • Increase in liabilities from $18,710 to $34,827 (primarily due to increases in home, auto, and student loans.)

Why Invest In Families?

UpTogether Uses a Strength-Based Approach to Fighting Poverty

Direct Investment

Provide unrestricted cash or cash equivalent investments directly in an individual or household. People do not have to show their “neediness” in order to receive an investment.

Social Capitol

Incentivize and promote social capital exchanges present in communities, where people rely on each other and increase their social and economic mobility.


Individuals and families have full agency over their decisions and how they utilize their direct investments in order to achieve mobility. We trust that they know best what their family needs most, and therefore never restrict how they can use their investment.

What people have to say

Partner Funding Options

Direct Funding

  • Create your own Fund on UpTogether
  • Fund will be created, managed and distributed by you in accordance with your selected criteria: geography, distribution amounts/cadence, length of campaign, etc.
  • You will have the option of creating multiple offers simultaneously, increasing your opportunity for learning
  • You will be granted real-time access to data and associated outcomes for members accepting your offer(s)


  • Invest directly in FII’s UpTogether Funds 
  • FII will manage and distribute funds wherever needed most or to your designated geographical preference
  • Funds will be pooled with those of other donors
  • Status reports will periodically be generated by FII staff and will include progress-to-date, member outcomes, and anecdotal stories 

We Make Investing Easy




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