The UpTogether Approach: Community. Capital. Choice.

The UpTogether Approach recognizes and honors people’s strengths, abilities and self-determination. Our strength-based view is the foundation of how we invest in families and the heart of our strategy to change systems. 

How do you view people experiencing financial hardship?

People with limited means are often blamed for their own financial situation without acknowledging the systems and policies that make it difficult for them to get ahead despite their hard work. The result is a deficit-based view, and approach that focuses on what people lack. 

Instead of feeding false narratives, we work toward our vision where everyone can be seen and invested in for their strengths. 

The UpTogether Approach

Here are the three guiding principles of the UpTogether Approach and how they translate into action.


Why We Do It
People benefit from the power of community resources, knowledge, support and help one another. 

How We Do It
We collaborate with members and partners to create more opportunities for people to connect.



Why We Do It
People must have access to the resources they need to thrive.

How We Do It
We offer financial support to individuals and families through unrestricted cash.


Why We Do It
People are the experts in their own lives and need full control over their time and resources.

 How We Do It
We trust that people can make decisions for themselves and their families, so our support comes with no strings attached.

How can the UpTogether Approach change systems?

Our bold goal is to change policies, systems, and underlying beliefs so that all people in the United States are seen and invested in for their strengths and are able to build power, reinforce their autonomy, and drive their own economic and social mobility.

The UpTogether Approach is front and center of our three-pronged systems change strategy. To change systems that are preventing hardworking people from getting ahead, we work with individuals, families, funders, governments and community partners to:

  • Invest unrestricted cash in families and individuals with limited incomes 
  • Amplify stories that tell the true lived experiences of people with financial hardship 
  • Mobilize around state and local policies and practices that support and accelerate socioeconomic mobility 

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