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We see strengths.

We believe that people are experts in their own lives. And we know from more than 20 years of doing this work that people have the strengths and capacity to move themselves and their communities out of poverty. That’s why UpTogether invests directly and families and individuals. We invite you to join the movement and partner with us..

Partnership Opportunities

When your philanthropic organization joins UpTogether as a fund partner, you are making a commitment to adopt our UpTogether Approach and leverage your learnings to effect systems change in your community and beyond. 

Join us as we honor the uniqueness of each of our members, we also honor the differing needs of our partners. 

Create an UpTogether Community Fund

Through the UpTogether Community Fund, rooted in the UpTogether Approach, we create opportunities for people to build power, foster community and be a part of a movement for systems change.

Here’s how the fund works:

Community – Members participate in social groups online and are encouraged to meet in person monthly.

Capital – Members receive cash support – at least $9,000 over 18 months ($500/month)

Choice – Members can use their funds however they see fit and don’t need to pay the money back.

Support Our Work

Delegate general operating support to UpTogether, enabling us to scale the UpTogether Community Fund, our approach and systems change strategy. You can also direct dollars geographically or programmatically without needing to create a localized fund.

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