Investing in People Has Huge Returns

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“I’m not out here making crazy choices and going in over my head on things. I do have a college degree, I do have potential for earning more income in some way but at the same time I wouldn’t be able to sustain it because of the [medical] needs of my child…[with the investment] I felt like I got to do something that a regular parent would do, and should be able to do for my child as a mom.”

– Camille, UpTogether Member (Name changed at member request to protect their anonymity)

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“When I entered the UpTogether program, I was able to manifest and use the funds to help start my [business]. It was a different level of freedom that I could put it towards whatever I wanted to do for the long term.”

– Bobbi, UpTogether Member


People Are Unique

Each individual and family is unique. They have their own challenges, strengths and goals. That’s why they appreciate our UpTogether Approach. It allows them to use their UpTogether cash investments in whatever way is best for them and their circumstances.

The Impact of Systems Change

In 2023, we renewed our focus on our bold goal of changing systems and policies so everyone can thrive. It was inspired, in part, by some of the successes we’ve seen recently in collaboration with our members, community organizations, philanthropy and government.

Here are some examples.

UpTogether and Immigrant Advocacy Organizations Launch Guaranteed Income Pilot in New Mexico 

In February 2022, UpTogether partnered with a coalition of local immigrant advocacy organizations called the Economic Relief Working Group* to launch a statewide Guaranteed Income pilot and study in New Mexico. The pilot is the largest in the country to invest in immigrant families, who are largely excluded from economically beneficial policies. The goal of the pilot is to produce evidence to drive state and local policy changes aligned to UpTogether’s strength-based approach.

The pilot, funded by Con Alma Health Foundation and the Thornburg Foundation and anonymous donors, ended in January 2023 and findings from the evaluation conducted by New Mexico Voices for Children is expected in Spring or Summer 2023. 

*Somos Un Pueblo Unido, NM CAFé, NM Voices for Children, Partnership for Community Action and El CENTRO de Igualdad y de Derechos

UpTogether Members and Community Make History in Texas 

In May 2022, UpTogether members, together with community organizations and others, successfully influenced the city of Austin, Texas to bring a $1.1 million cash transfer pilot to the city, making them the first in the state to do so using public, general fund dollars. Read the case study.

UpTogether and Members Shift Mindsets in Philanthropy 

In 2022, UpTogether launched the MOMentum fund with the Marin Community Foundation to invest in 125 moms of color with children under the age of 18 living in Marin County, California. Our strong partnership with the Marin Community Foundation has, in part, driven their shift from a mindset of charity to one of solidarity. Here are the findings from our MOMentum partnership.

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“If somebody came up to me and told me something bad about UpTogether, I would tell them they were lying. I’m a part of this program and I see what they’re doing. It’s helping families like me.”

– Vernon, UpTogether Member