Investing in People Has Huge Returns


Families Are Unique

Each individual and family is unique. They have their own challenges, strengths and goals. That’s why they appreciate our strength-based approach. It allows them to use their UpTogether cash investments in whatever way is best for them and their circumstances.

Impact we saw in 2021

The number of funds we launched to distribute over $46 million to UpTogether members!
The number of members on the UpTogether Community platform, representing all 50 states and DC.
The number of families in the Midwest who received funds from UpTogether in 2021.
The amount of money made available to families in the Midwest in 2021.
The number of households experiencing a high risk of homelessness or displacement in Austin, Texas who received $1,000 each from UpTogether. This is just the start of our engagement with the City of Austin.
Tthe number of families enrolled in the Trust & Investment Collaborative, an innovative partnership that is allowing UpTogether to closely study community and cash together and its impact on families in Massachusetts
The number of UpTogether members helping us by serving as Family Evaluators, working together with UpTogether staff to participate in creating and shaping experiences for families in the Northeast.
The number of UpTogether Builders, a group of members who meet monthly with staff to provide recommendations on how to improve the UpTogether Community platform experience.
The number of families enrolled in the Oakland Resilient Families Guaranteed Income Pilot in East Oakland, California in 2021. They'll each receive $9,000 over the course of 18 months.
The number of UpTogether members surveyed in 2021 who reported using their cash offers for basic needs including rent, food, utilities and healthcare. 4,322 members responded to the survey. 

To learn more about our work in 2021, check our our latest Impact Report.


We invested more than $120 million in families at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. To find out more about that work, read our COVID-19 Impact Report. (We were still known as Family Independence Initiative at the time the report was published.)

Years of service
Total dollars invested
Total members
States where members live + DC and Puerto Rico

Each pink circle represents an area of the country where an UpTogether member lives. The darker the pink circle, the more UpTogether members live there.