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UpTogether is not a traditional nonprofit. 

At UpTogether, we understand that hardworking people, families and communities don’t need more programs, charities or well-meaning people to try to rescue them. They have knowledge, power and solutions and are taking steps every day to accomplish their goals.

At UpTogether (formerly Family Independence Initiative), we highlight, invest in and accelerate those initiatives so people in financially under-resourced communities can move up, together.

Build Community with

The UpTogether Community

Online Platform

Our signature platform, the UpTogether Community, is a place where you can build and strengthen your social networks so you, your friends, family and neighbors can support each other and reach your financial and personal goals.

The platform is in its infancy right now and we’re excited that our members are helping us design new features and enhancements to improve the UpTogether Community experience.

When funds are available, UpTogether Community members can receive capital (cash offers) in recognition of what they are doing. We trust that they know how to best use this investment, so they can spend it on whatever they want. Cash offers generally depend on your location and household income. 

How Does the UpTogether Community Work?

You Share

You Share

  • Create or join small groups on the UpTogether online platform with friends, family members and others in your community. 
  • Share solutions and support and help each other reach your goals. 
  • Share your stories and complete surveys.
We Learn & Invest

We Learn & Invest

  • We learn from what your groups are doing (both on and off the UpTogether platform) and invest in your strengths and initiatives by giving you capital*^ you can use to reach your goals.
  • You can use the money any way you want and you do not have to pay it back. 
Together, We Transform

Together, We Transform

  • We share your collective and individual successes to show just how much strength, ingenuity and entrepreneurship is embedded in communities that have been historically undervalued and underappreciated. Our ultimate goal is that together, we change the narrative and transform policies so every person is recognized for their strengths and contributions, and have what they need to thrive.

*Capital is not guaranteed. It depends on the availability of funds and household income. 

^Accepting a cash offer from UpTogether may impact your public benefits and state and local income taxes. Please speak with your case manager and/or a qualified tax professional if you have questions about whether money from an offer will affect you.

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