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Seek and share support to accomplish your goals!

Build and strengthen your social networks — and get cash* — so you, your friends, family and neighbors can support each other, reach your financial and personal goals, and move up together.

*Cash offers depend on the availability of funds.

Does this sound like you?

I enjoy helping others and sharing social support, knowledge and resources.

I want to grow and strengthen my social circle with like-minded people I can trust.

I desire a community of support to push me toward my goals.

I want to shatter stereotypes about people living with low incomes.

I love seeing other people thrive.

How Does UpTogether Work

You Share

Connect with groups to share solutions and support to help each other reach your financial and personal goals.

We Invest*

We invest in your strengths and initiative with unrestricted cash you can use to reach your goals. You don’t have to pay the money back.

Together We Transform

Share your successes to shift perspectives about – and policies that impact – people living with low incomes.

What Makes UpTogether Different

There are lots of social networking sites and group texting platforms that allow you to connect with others and share resources. UpTogether is different from those in three fundamental ways.


Groups are limited to just 8 people for a more personal experience.


Marketers don’t have access to your posts, so it’s a safe space for you to be open and vulnerable. And you won’t see any ads.


You can receive cash transfers* to use however you choose and you don’t have to pay the money back.


Accomplishing Your Goals is Easier with Others

Step 1

Sign up

Step 2

Create or join a group

Step 3

Share resources to reach your goals

What People Are Saying

With UpTogether funds, I paid for school. One of my goals was to graduate with two associate degrees. I recently received a psychology and a liberal arts degree. When I finally received my degrees, I felt really emotional. I felt like anything was possible because I did it even with two children and a husband. I felt like a heavy load was lifted. And I say that because as a mother I have a huge responsibility to educate myself and set a good example for my kids.

Monica, Albuquerque

We named our UpTogether group Women Empowered. We would encourage each other to do things. We would set goals for ourselves and we would hold each other accountable. Instead of just meeting once a month, we were following up with each other, catching up, asking how we’re doing. Your group will support you in what you’re doing and that’s huge.

Marisol, Boston

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UpTogether was developed by Family Independence Initiative (FII) as a means to fulfill its vision that one day all families across America will have access to all the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their goals and dreams.

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