Our Impact

$30 M In direct cash invested in individuals and families in 2022

10,400 Members receiving investments

San Antonio’s Story

UpTogether’s impact in San Antonio highlights what is possible when government and philanthropy invest directly in individuals.

1,000 individuals and families received $5,108 over 25 months, including a $1,908 initial investment in December 2020 and eight quarterly investments of $400 from April 2021 to January 2023.

During the course of the pilot, member surveys revealed:

  1. Members used the funds for necessities: 73% of members reported using the funds for utilities; 71% for basic needs such as food, clothing, and household items; and 66% for rent.
  2. Members used the cash for housing security: More than half of members – 59% – improved or maintained their housing security.
  3. Members are employed: Nearly half of members – 48% – work for themselves or someone else. Members’ primary sources of income are wages from sources other than government benefits.

The pilot found that members used the investment for economic mobility, with 31% of members increasing assets. Half of members increased their biweekly income, with an average increase equating to roughly an extra $7,000 a year. Just over one-third increased emergency savings.

While this is encouraging, it’s clear that wealth and asset-building requires sustained investment.

What's Next

UpTogether will build on our efforts in San Antonio through a new initiative with a subgroup of 25 members from the 25-month fund who have a strong community involvement background and want to be more involved in policy work.

The goal is to advocate for deeper and sustained investments by changing systems and policies to align with UpTogether’s “strength-based approach,” which sees people for their strengths and trusts them to be experts in their own lives.

We will invest in the 25 members for 18 months with unconditional cash investment of $500 per month and in collaboration with other local organizations, members will engage in advocacy and storytelling to inform local policies. This includes sharing their stories with the city and other stakeholders for narrative change.

San Antonio proved direct cash investments are transformative, but must be sustained over time. Our members will lead us in this continued advocacy in San Antonio.

Meet Gerardo

Gerardo and his family immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico and settled in Las Vegas, Nevada in search of a better life.

With his DACA status, excellent grades and access to scholarship opportunities, Gerardo enrolled in college. But in 2020, he decided to hit pause on his education as his family welcomed a newborn daughter at the same time of the Covid-19 shutdown. 

“When Emilyn was born, it was a whole different world. I’ve never loved anybody in my life as much as I love her. It pushes you to keep going,” he said.

Because of the financial strains due to the pandemic, his family moved into his mother’s house, where his father, grandmother and sister were also residing. 

“A year ago I was in a very bad place mentally, physically, emotionally, I didn’t want to do anything, I kind of wanted to just give up on certain things that I was doing,” said Gerardo.  


“The City of Austin and the Equity Office are grateful for our partnership with UpTogether on guaranteed income and the opportunity to invest directly in Austinites facing housing insecurity. UpTogether’s model of seeing people for their strengths, not their deficits, sets the organization apart. We strongly believe this approach is disrupting the status quo and is helping create a more equitable city.”

Kellee Coleman
Interim Chief Equity Officer, City of Austin


“I know the value of people coming together and in that survival mode, you’re isolated, you’re alone. When you stay isolated, you don’t get as much knowledge as you get from being in a community. And that’s the thing, UpTogether provides a community.”

Cincinnati, Ohio