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Thank you for your interest in learning about ways to partner with UpTogether to boost and sustain long-term economic and social mobility for families with limited incomes.

We see strengths.

Since 2001, UpTogether (formerly Family Independence Initiative) has demonstrated that families in undervalued and financially under-resourced communities have the initiative and capacity to move themselves and their communities out of poverty. They don’t need to be rescued and they don’t need to be told what to do. What they’re looking for is someone who sees their strengths, trusts them and invests in them. 

For philanthropic leaders and organizations looking to join the movement and bring the strength-based approach to their communities, UpTogether provides opportunities for both Fund Partnership to invest directly in families and Momentum Partnership to support growth of our movement.   

Fund Partnership Opportunities

When your philanthropic organization joins UpTogether as a funding partner, you are making a commitment to adopt our strength-based approach — trusting families to use the investment in whatever way they choose — and leverage your learnings to effect systems change in your community and beyond. 

Just as we honor the uniqueness of each of our members, we also honor the differing needs of our funding partners. As such, we offer two options, shown in the green boxes below. Whichever option you choose, you will get periodic reports to show the impact of your dollars.

 Pool your dollars

With the help of our partnership staff, you can pool your investment dollars with other funding partners and leave it to UpTogether to create and manage a community offer for families in a specific geographic location or where needed most. Upon availability, this also creates an opportunity for you to collaborate with other funding partners to maximize the impact of your dollars.  

Create a custom community offer

With the help of UpTogether’s partnership staff, you and your team can create one or more custom community offers, selecting offer parameters (cash payment amount/frequency) as well as eligibility criteria (specific geographic location).


Momentum Partnership

To reach our vision where every person in the U.S. is invested in for their strengths, we are constantly innovating our technology platform, engaging in nationwide narrative change work and sharpening our policy goals. As an organization that takes the lead from our members, UpTogether still acts with the nimbleness of a startup. Alongside our members, we surface new tools, projects and ideas to enhance our impact. Momentum partners provide investment that allows UpTogether to learn, grow and create sustained systems-level impact.

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