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Re-imagining Philanthropy: Give Cash and Relinquish Power

A Roundtable Discussion

Learn why investing in people and giving them control can create lasting economic mobility

We have a serious problem

The 50+ year “War on Poverty” has made living in poverty tolerable but has not helped make poverty escapable. Fifty percent of people who rise above the poverty line slip back under it within five years. 


It’s beyond time to

Make Poverty Escapable

Under the current system, families struggle to build the necessary assets to weather a crisis, like COVID-19, and aren’t rewarded for their initiative in doing so. To accelerate economic mobility, philanthropy and government must stop investing in systems, start investing directly in people and provide the freedom for people to use those investments as they see fit — centering capital, choice, and community to make poverty escapable, for good.

That has been the approach of the Family Independence Initiative (FII) for nearly 20 years, and it works! Not only are families who partner with FII saving more for emergencies and retirement, but they are also starting businesses and dropping government subsidies.

Watch our roundtable discussion to learn why investing in people and giving them back control is the key to creating lasting economic mobility.


How we’ve made an impact during this pandemic

Learn about FII’s investment in families through the COVID-19 crisis.

“The resources I accessed through FII were invaluable. As an FII member, I was able to accomplish my goals of becoming a homeowner and purchasing a car. I am grateful not only for the funds I received through FII, but also how it provided me the ability to network with people in various states across the country.

S. Arnold, FII Member

We were eager to partner with FII because they have nearly a 20-year record in providing direct cash assistance to families. We needed a partner that understood the sense of urgency to mobilize quickly, and believed in the power of people to make the best financial decisions for their families during this crisis.

Brion Oaks, City of Austin Chief Equity Officer

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