Community Organizations

Partnerships = Greater Impact

One of the things we are most proud of at UpTogether is our partnerships with more than 250 community groups, nonprofits, philanthropists and government agencies across the country to raise and distribute more than $130 million for #GiveTogetherNow, our COVID-19 relief campaign.

The local community organizations were able to quickly identify the most severely impacted individuals and families and connect them with the UpTogether Community platform so they could receive cash quickly.

While our COVID-19 relief campaign has ended, community organizations have expressed that they see the value UpTogether brings to the people they serve and want to partner with us to promote the UpTogether Community to their members/clients. As their members/clients join the UpTogether Community, not only will they have another tool to grow and strengthen their networks, but they also become eligible for UpTogether cash offers, when available. 

Community Organizations

If you work for a community organization or nonprofit and want to learn more about how the UpTogether Community works, sign up for an info session in English or Spanish, or check out our toolkit.

Because UpTogether is centered on choice and does not “help” or provide non-financial resources to our members, we are not able to promote specific organizations, programs or initiatives directly to them. Members promote and share resources they find valuable with each other. They know what solutions are best for them and their communities. We simply provide a platform for them to do so.

If you are interested in becoming a funding partner and investing directly in families in your community, visit our philanthropy page.