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Welcome to UpTogether!

(Previously Family Independence Initiative)

UpTogether is not a traditional nonprofit.

UpTogether is a community, a movement and a platform to highlight, invest in and accelerate the initiatives people in historically undervalued communities are taking to improve their lives and move up, together.

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Want to help your friends, family and neighbors reach their goals — and get capital — so you can all move up, together?

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Work in philanthropy, government, research or a community organization and want to join a movement to boost economic and social mobility for the millions of people in the U.S. with limited incomes?

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What People Are Saying

Thanks to the  UpTogether Community platform, I was able to reach out to connect with others who shared the same interest as me, quickly connecting with a local community member who shared some of the same goals as me. We shared helpful resources and information with one another while providing a support system to achieve and reach set goals. Being able to provide help to a community member is very rewarding and uplifting. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be connected with others who shared the same interest as me. This has been a wonderful experience and I recommend others to give it a try. Together we can assist one another and make a difference.

T. Jackson, UpTogether Member 

We love that UpTogether invests directly in families and empowers them to use their own solutions to build economic and social mobility.

Samantha Hennessey, Senior Manager, UpTogether Partner

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